Where to find good after effect tutorial

I know, I know special effects done in post production are not cinematographer job, but I find my self to be in need to do some basic one and since I’m a super beginner in all the realm of post and I barely know where to start. Luckily a friend of mine come in my help and give me the name of this great web site that solve my problem http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/ and if I was able to follow the video tutorial every one can achieve easy special effect.

Plus I believe that knowing the basic of all the post production fase is very important for a Cinematographer, more you know more you can be precis and effective on set and the file you deliver to the post production team are going to be higher quality and the people in post are going to love you. And let me add if you are shooting a project with any kind of special effect done in post and you need to figure out what is the best way to shoot it and you find your self in a meeting with the special effect guy knowing some of the lingo is goigng to make your life much easier.

So here what you can find in this web site you can find:

  • video tutorial about almost everything you can do in after effect, from beginner to advance level.
  • an interesting blog, in which there are a couple of good post about lights
  • plug in and other products for implement your software
  • a forum

All is well organize and very simple to navigate. Andrew the creator of the website is a navigated fx artist that works a lot with J.J. Abrams.