Their Finest

The other day I went to watch Their Finest directed by Lone Scherfig cinematography by Sebastian Blenkov. It’s set during WWII in England and tells the story of a former secretary, that get hire as a scriptwriter for propaganda films and joins the cast and crew of a major production during the Blitz rages of London.

I really liked the film, it has a nice balance between drama comedy and romance, with a great cast and brilliant photography. The photography went so well with the story that it seems incredibly natural. But actually it’s the result of a high level performance of the Blenkov. The light scheme in the interior scene and especially the ones full of drama are extremely sophisticated and elevate the drama of the scene.

The light change from scene to scene – sometimes cold, in others warm, soft and romantic, or high in contrast and dramatic.

I like how they visually show the key moment of the script that is being written in the movie. Instead of making one of the screenwriter read it out, they show as the scene is from the final film screening in a theater. And the use of low resolution, more grainy texture mimicking old movie from that era.

And it’s not only the lights but every frame have a creative composition and their use of focus for guiding the audience attention is great.


At this link you can watch the trailer