As a cinematographer a really like to analyze nice shot that I see in other film, in particular camera movements. I start to search on line for behind the scene video and commentary. My interest for camera movement drove me to learn more about me to learn more about the techniques behind it. I first learn about dolly and hand held and the I start learning about steadicam. After attending the steadicam workshop with Tiffen my skill as steadicam operator is very much improve I still have a lot to learn from the master and I find even more important to study the scene that they shot.

I find that a very good web site to do it is

In this web site you can find:

  • a big collection of great scene some of them with  comment by the steadicam operator
  • Q&A with steadicam operator
  • a very interesting blog
  • a list of operator with link to their work

Hope you enjoy it!