Apps for filmakers

Every day i learn about a new app for filmmakers and cinematographer. Here 3 of them that I find very useful:

Helios sun and moon position calculator by Chemical Wedding

It’s an app that graphically show where the sun or the moon are going to be and any given time and place.  For a cinematographer is a must to have an app of this kind during scout location, more if you shoot outside, but even if you shoot in side can be useful to know where the soon is going to be.One can even view the information over a map.

This app cost $29.99

Cadrage by Distant Blue-mobile solution

It is a director view finder app. This mean that with this app you can plan your shoot on your phone during scout location or show the director a possible shoot during production before moving the camera. In this app you can select which camera and lens you want to use and then take a pic with all this data and you can share it with who you want.

This app cost $12.99

Express color by Gamma & Density Co.

It’s a very useful app especially in pre-production, but even during production. It’s a color correction app, you take a photo and you color correct it and then share it with who ever you want. It allow you to apply camera log for different camera and for who shoot in film film stock. Plus you can apply filter, effects, processing, print stocks. And, and this is the great thing of this app, you can  set which formats do you want to create when you sent it out. This mean that with just one click you can send to all the other department your Lut and and each of them will find in the email the file that is compatible with the software that they use.

This app cots is $2.99


There are several different apps for tracking the sun, some of them are even free. There are several for director view finder too, haven’t find any free yet.

If you have any app that you warmly success please write it in the comment.