Monthly Archives: May 2017

Useful website No film school

Searching the internet for something interesting to read about cinematography I found my self yet again on No film school web site. Since I find a lot of good reading and interesting contents in this web site I decide to share it with you. In it you can find...
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Camera Movements

I talked in other posts about different kind of camera movement and about some of tools for create that movement. But I think it is very interesting to compare and see the difference between various camera movements. When I started studying cinematography it wasn't easy for me to identify...
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the magic world of Dollies

Last week the JL Fisher BBQ happen and I was able to be there and as has been for the last three years that I went it was a lot of fun. While I was there I start to thinking about what to write in my next post...
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A very important message for all filmmakers!

The other day I was watching this Keynote presentation by Effie Brown, that she delivered  at the 2016 Film Independent Forum at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles, for a class and I found it very interesting and I think she says important things about the film making...
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Where to find good after effect tutorial

I know, I know special effects done in post production are not cinematographer job, but I find my self to be in need to do some basic one and since I'm a super beginner in all the realm of post and I barely know where to start. Luckily...
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Color palette

Since films start to use color in 1939 color become a very important part of story telling. This because colors have means and help to tell the story. If Sin City would have been shoot in color, instead of B&W plus one representative color per sin, it would have...
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As a cinematographer a really like to analyze nice shot that I see in other film, in particular camera movements. I start to search on line for behind the scene video and commentary. My interest for camera movement drove me to learn more about me to learn more...
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Guardian of the Galaxy vol. 2

The other day I went to see Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2, I went with high expectations since I really really liked the first one, I found it funny, well direct, with good photography. And I happily have to say that the movie reached my expectations and more! Read More

Camera hacks

I was looking around the web for interesting video about photography and cinematography and I come across this very interesting video by Sheldon Evans that show how to achieve cool effect in camera with no cost. Take a look and let me know what do you...
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